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Anchoring yourself to success (Most Discussion Topic)

An Anchor:-

An anchor is a sensory invigorate linked to a specific set of states it could be a word or a phrase or an object, it could be sometime. We Hear , feel, see, taste and also smell. Mean a person do that thing, which he gives command to his mind .And this command is link to different set of states which we have discussed above. We should be thinking and give command to our mind that nothing is impossible in this world. If you think better, and have a charm to doing something new as well as something better in your life. Then you will be become a leader and successful person in your life.
It is all depend upon our set of mind.

How do anchor get created:-
When a person is in an acute state where the body and mind strongly involved together and
a specific stimulus is consistently , continuously and simultaneously provided at the peak of the state,
the stimulus and the state become neurologically linked. Then, anytime stimulus is provided
the instance state automatically results.
We are all anchor in daily routine life, infect its impossible not to. All anchoring is
a created associated of thoughts, ideas, feelings or tastes with a specific stimulus.
If we such house, where there has died someone, who was beloved person among that house
member. And you was not attach with same person. All member of that house will be, weeping and also Crying for that person because he has gone far from them. In such situation, you
will be fueled their pain and hardship. And as well as you will be fueled and thought that one
day you will be also gone from your beloved because this world is temporary for everyone.
Then you automatically fall in such state and you will be, also worried and begin wept,
as he was very closely person of you.


Anchoring yourself to success .

Its means, we link a specific set of aspects, which make us agile emotional,
When we see or go in such occasions.Anchoring yourself to success.
Similarly it is also a state of mind that when we present in our home we feel easy and
secure instead of present in other house. Because all member of our home recognize us,
we trust all of them. And we know they are all well-wisher for us .For which thing they
will be forbidden us, there will be must better for us .it’s does not mean the members of
that house are not good in nature and may be they have good environment. But as we are
addicted to our home environment so we are sensory stimulus link a particular set of
state. And that is difficult for us to adjust in such house. If we give command to our
set of mind that this is also too good. We should be enjoying this environment’s house.

There is everything is different as compare to our home .Anchoring yourself to success.And we should be learn something
new from this environment, and those things which are different as compare to our home’s
thing. Then we can survive for many or more time in that house. And we can also enjoy them
.we should be think in every state of life nothing is impossible in this world we just
give command to our mind and act upon that command then we will be succeed.



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