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Students should follow these steps before start their career


Students should follow these steps before start their career Choosing a professional career for fresh graduates is a very critical point which demands proper planning, concentration, motivation, inspiration and business potential. At this time proper guidance will help students a lot in a sense. They need to know what’s best for them. How can they choose specific professional which also ... Read More »

How to Be the Smartest Marketer via Custom USB Drives

Launching a marketing campaign in any business is the most critical time period. In which you have to decide your targeted audience, potential clients, area to focus promotional ways and some marketing things to remember. Many of marketers are still using old techniques to pitch the customers. But now time comes to do some experiments with new techniques. I’ll be ... Read More »

Discuss Science and Technology

science and tech logoDiscuss Science and Technology

Discuss Science and Technology In this article we are know about the science & technology uses and abuses.In the modern age, science and technology is very important role in human life.First of all we are talking about the introduction of science and technology.After this discussion we are discus about The Use and Abuse of science and technology. Introduction:  Here we ... Read More »

Top 7 Tallest Buildings in the World 2014

The International Non-Profit Organization that is (CTBH) stand for Coouncil on Tall Buildings and Urban HAbitat was formed in 1969 and was announces the tittle of “The World’s Tallest Building” and also set the standards by which buildings was measured.That’s Mean it maintains a list of the More then 99 Tallest cOmpleted buildings in All Over the World. Actually The ... Read More »

Define Automobile Security Also It’s Advantages and Disadvantages


AutoMobile Security .. The Automobile Association (TAA) is a private limited company which provides car insurance (CI), motoring advice driving lessons, breakdown cover and other services. In developed countries, the automobile is quiet rapidly converted into a real model public transport from expensive toys while in developing countries it has straggle effects. The transport revolution had a great impact on the ... Read More »

Define Media and It’s Positive and Negative Impacts


Positive and Negative Impacts of Media . This articles about the media.In this articles we will discuss about the media and its impact. First of all we will discuss,How does media come closer one anther? Media provides information and give the awareness in the people.So it helps to people to know what is happening in the world or any place, Or its ... Read More »

Why Peoples Don’t Know About Internet Discussion Topic

Why People Don’t Know About Internet ?? As we all know, this world become a global village due to internet. But in this present age everybody doesn’t knows about internet and its benefits. Internet:- The internet is a global network connecting millions of computers Networks in Whole World. Some Technical countries are associated into interchanging of data, news and stances according ... Read More »

Responsible in falling down the standard of Education

130507_SCI_StandardizedTest aaaaa

Falling down the standard of Education Let me 1st of all define that what education is all about ? Education is imparting and acquiring knowledge through teaching and learning,especially at school or similar institution. Standard of education in Pakistan: Education is the main vehicle for social economic development but unfortunately about half of adult population in Pakistan cannot read and write. ... Read More »

Impacts of Fashion and Why Girls love fashion??


Impacts of Fashion This article is about the girls love fashion.Fashion is a custom changing by passing time .In faster time fashion’s custom is change with passing time . We see in passing time or in modern period people have change fashion with passing time .Fashion is very popular in girls .Even women also love fashion.In our  society we see ... Read More »