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Computer Vs human Brain Essay (Full Discussion Topic)

Man has come up with countless inventions, each more authentic then the last, however, any now, this computer arises that mankind’s sentence itself is threatened. This is ridiculous, some may cry, but I want to say look about you that The computer has already begun to the unique functions that man has prided himself upon before them. Our lives are now completely dependent upon the Personal computer and what is tells you. It has been community said that the computer can never replace the human brain because that is human that created computer.


It we just focus on a single creation of man, say the subject, the computer there are many ways in which the computer has the edge over man.
Let us start with basic calculation. The computer has the ability to solve the problems that man can hardly even imagine, let alone approach. If a man can calculate the same problems as a computer, the can do it for faster than he can possibly achieve. Let us go to step further, let man can calculate so fast as a computer, can he, as the computer can, achieve the 100% rate of accuracy in this calculations why do we go over the human data entry into a computer when a mistake is noticed instead of checking the computer? It is due to computers now possess the ability to hold no error in its operation, man has no advanced in this area in any noticeable margin.



Why do you think the words ‘human error’ and ‘to err is human’ have so famous become the years! It is due to the failing of man race are becoming more and more exposed as the computer advances and becomes more and more Omni potential perhaps the machine is not truly a competitor with the human brain but rather its deal. After all, the machine is for superior to the human brain in those aspects where the brain is weakest. It is perhaps the effort of the man’s brain to get accuracy after realizing its own weakness. If we think about it carefully do those who use the machine not use it supplement their own creative input? May be it is subconscious attempt by us at reaching the next stage of evolution by our Good minds, creating a Awesome and Classical machine to do all the Good and dirty work for us while we sit back and commands our mind to focus on creating or destroying , as the case may be. It has the capacity to develop unlike the computer and it can work without full input, creating logic assumptions about problems. A person can work with a great and wide variety of methods, seeing some new, more and more efficient ways of solving problems. It should improve programming techniques. Should improve programming be introduced yet, It is the brain of the Human that figures out the programming that will allow for any improvements, Computer Vs human Brain as vaguely Recieved by the Good brain of Human. It is the human that conceptualizes the formulae and methods by which the machine goes about its work. The brain of Human, given the Much time can learn to understand anything. Emotions too are not asset. Emotions allow the brain to have evolved beyond a person solving machine the human brain can never perform tasks as efficiently or as tirelessly than the machine.

Computer Vs human Brain .

MLSS-2012-Muller-Brain-Computer-Interfacing_013This is because the human brain can get bored quite easily and trends to stray from the task at hand. The Personal computer does not get our tired or bored, it just sits there and works, no problem.Computer Vs human Brain 
The human brain is constant, the ability of it has not changed anytime in recorded history, only the Great knowledge of man has easily changed, and this knowledge invested in the computer anyway. The human brain is as incredible as it flawed, while computer is the fantastic machine and have many Beinfits. While neither in perfect on its own, together they Are Full complement each other and so perfectly that is a heck of a potent combination.



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