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Define Media and It’s Positive and Negative Impacts

Positive and Negative Impacts of Media .

This articles about the media.In this articles we will discuss about the media and its impact. First of all we will discuss,How does media come closer one anther? Media provides information and give the awareness in the people.So it helps to people to know what is happening in the world or any place, Or its help to know people about one another come closer. Now will discuss What is difference between electronic media and print media?
Electronic media includes radio,television,telephone,mobile ,computers etc.Print media like books, newspapers,magazines content etc. Now we will discuss in detail widespread roll of media and Media uses & abuses Impacts of Media .Screenshot_1Our topic for discussion in “ROLE OF MEDIA” and “MEDIA IMPACT”. Media is the most forceful and attractive mode of communication.Media give us news and views to the people .Sometime media aware us true news and Sometimes it aware us false news or views.But media aware to us the true facts of life that lie all around us.I am very agree with this views. I would like to add a bit more to it .Media is also helps people to share knowledge and information of whole world.We are expressed own feelings,emotions as well as our opinions through it.Media attracts the attention of a very large number of people.As we observe that the first thing that we will do soon when we will entering in the home is to switch on the television,or we are also know that when get up in the morning we will see the screen of mobile.This thing is very attractive our attention.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaNow let me say that media has become a necessary part of our life.It is not inform us but also entertain us.Media has become a global village.Television give us the information the the people of all important events happening in the world.So it is very easy to get the collect any information about everything. Next we will discuss useful of media .Media play a very good and useful role in society.Therefore it we are aware about social issues like corruptions,dosimeter ,drug addiction,and suppression of human rights.Media is also the most alert institution. It.It watches carefully all section of the society.It holds debates,presents reports and talk show.It makes to people responsible and answerable.

It has become the necessary part of our life.We will discuss about uses till now and now we will discuss about abuses of media.As we know very well that everything of the creation has its uses and abuses .In the modern times,media is necessary for everyone like mobile is very necessary for our.we see the example of internet .Internet give the information of world.



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