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Earn Money With Ads Reward Daily (A.R.D)

Earn money With Ads Reward Daily (A.R.D)

Hi everyone , I am  today i am going to share with you another best way to Earn money online easily by sitting at home just for 2 minutes daily work. Yes only 2 minutes in a day ! And anybody can do this work easily without any skills because it is very easy work to do. Just you have to post 1 ad per day and that’s all.
What Is Ads Reward Daily ???
Ads Reward Daily is an advertising program which has become one of the fastest and best growing advertising companies on the internet where a user post one ad per day on free classified websites and Make money. This website is very famous and also becoming more popular on internet as it is very easy and best method to make money by sitting at home just for 2 minutes in a day. You can join this program as a publisher also as an advertiser . You can join any program easily within some steps.make money online introduction video tutorial in

How It Works ???How It works
Here you have to make a free account. After creating a free account you will get bonus of 100 points and then you just have to post one ad per day for 30 days. After 30 days just upgrade your package to increase your income and then you will be get paid money every month easily. You can say after working of 30 days you have just to put a little investment only once to start you income and after that you will only get paid every month.
You can run 3 different accounts on one computer or laptop to increase you income. All is depends upon you that how much you are serious about your work as it is said that
If You Work Hard
Good Things Will Happen. 
So here are 5 packages for you to get started on Ads Reward Daily (A.R.D ). You can select any packge from below:

Get Started:

Here are two options for you to get started your work…
1-Free Earning
2-Paid Earning

Free Earning:

If you want to start free earning then you have to
»  Place up to 1 online advertisements per day for 30 days
»  Once your 30 days have finished , upgrade your package by selecting one of the Paid Subscription as above.

Paid Earning:

Here are also two steps to get started your work…

Step 1 = Select an eWallet to get Payout
»  Perfect Money
»  Solid Trust Pay
»  Ego Money

Step 2 = Purchase any package listed below

AdsRewardDaily Packages

AdsRewardDaily Packages

How to create an account:
Creating an account is very easy just follow the below steps and then start to Make  money.

First of all just click on Sign up to create you account. And then fill the form by writing your Full Name , Email Adress , Country , Username , Password , Secret Quetion and Answer don’t make any change in Refferal Box. and then simply click on Signup Now.

Signup Form

Then you will receive of completion of signup.

completion of signup formHow to post ads ???

So now you has been successfully created you account. Now simply click on LOGIN button on top-right side of the page to login to your account.

login to continue

Now you will successfully login to your account and now its time to post one ads to make money . So to post ads just click on “Today task” and then click on “Choose Ad To Place” as i mentioned numbers in below pic

how to post ads

Now after clicking on “Choose Ad To Place” you will redirect to below page. From where you have to copy whole text of fist box by pressing CTRL + C and after copy the whole text just click on ” Go to step 2 ” box as below

choose ad to place

So when you will click on “Go to step 2” , you are redirected to another page from where you have to click on a link which is in the 4rth box as show in below pic. When you will click on link then a new web page will open on next page where you have to post your ad.

click on this link

Now just click on “Click here to post Ads now”.

click here to post ads now

so now this is the main page where you have to post ad. Here on firs box which is named as “Ad Title” just write “Know the power of advertisng” and on the second box which is named as Ad Description just paste your copied link which you copied from second step and then choose Category “Home Business” and then put your complete name on Ad Owner Name and then put your password of account on Ad password and then after writing the confirmation code just click on “submit” which is at the end. And leave all the other boxes empty.

complete your post

So now we are at the end just copy page link and then go back to other page of AdsRewardDaily and click on “Go to step 3”

copy link and paste

so when you will click on “Go to step 3 ” then you will redirect to the below page where you are showing three boxes. on first box you have to put site name which is “” and on the second box just click on drop down menu and click on “Other” and on the third box paste your copied link which we copied from our last tab which is shown on above pic. so after completing all the boxes just click on Submit Your Ad.


submission complete

So its all done now ,  you has been posted one ad of the now you have to post one ad daily as same as we post today. I hope you will understand the whole procedure to post ad.

If you still have any confusion then just ask your problem in comments . We are  always here to help you . :)
Stay Blessed



About Ch Zain Ishaq

He is a Good SE0 Optimizer, Software Engineer and Web Developer. Live in Faisalabad and Studying in G.C University Faisalabad ..


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