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Responsible in falling down the standard of Education

Falling down the standard of Education

Let me 1st of all define that what education is all about ? Education is imparting and acquiring knowledge through teaching and learning,especially at school or similar institution.

Standard of education in Pakistan: Education is the main vehicle for social economic development but unfortunately about half of adult population in Pakistan cannot read and write. Pakistan is sixth most popular country of the whole world. Due to rapid and much population growth & inability of education the standard of education in Pakistan is not good.Education system in Pakistan is really having a bad configuration at the moment.There is no doubt in accepting the fact the education stands the backbone for the development of nations.

 Who is responsible

  • Government Negligence
  • Students misconception
  • Teacher’s condition
  • Parent’s Responsibility
  • Government Negligence:

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If you want to destroy the future of any type of nation, no need to start big war with them. Due to their education they will free remain no more live on the map of world.No government has paid attention in improving the standard of education so far education has become a question of survival for all of us. Less developer can’t bring the change in improving the skills that are vital for uplift of our Government is equally responsible in the downfall of our education system.

Students misconception : It is also a dreadful fact that today’s young ones have changed their motives to acquiring education.Actually education should be for purpose of getting education as has been wisely said,but we have changed the slogan,education should be for the purpose of getting jobs.This concept is also spoiling our education system. Education is a goal oriented in this  field. But if we really much want to treat education in the scientifically so we can accumulate or evaluate  and also refine.

Teacher’s condition: A teacher plays the role of an implementer, director,manager,organizer inside the organization. Unfortunately,due to the lack of professional growth and leadership teachers in Pakistan face a hurdle in the way of quality education.Most of teachers virtually literate and  regressive trends. These.These conditions are increasing problems in our education and spoiling our education standard.

Parent’s Responsibility: Some parents make mistakes when trying to give an education to their children and this can have negative consequence.Later in their childern’s lives.Many parents do not give proper time to their children.They do not encourage their children at the time of need.Some time their children hate their study due to some extra strictness.These steps of parent make a situation which is falling down the moral of education.



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