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How to Free Fix Missing Admin Bar Issue in WordPress

How to Fix The Missing Admin Bar Issue in WordPressFix Missing Admin Bar Issue

Recently, Many Users Was reported Us That They are Missing The Admin bar on Their WordPress Website and Asked For our Help about this This Problem. Actually The Admin Bar is the Top Floating Bar in The Every Page of Your WordPress Wesite only Show when you are logged in your WordPress Website. The Admin bar Contain many Useful Shortcuts to open the Different Useful sections of The WordPress Site. You Can Easily Choose ANyone Shortcut to see something about that you want. You Can See Image below of Awesome Admin BAr of New Ustaad . In this Article You Will Learn Completely ABout How to Fix The Missing Admin Bar Issue in WordPress Website.Awesome Admin Bar

Actualy Admin Bar is best Choice and Way for you to update something in your wordpress Wesbsite. But First of All You Learn That

How to Missing Admin Bar Issue Occur ?

Basically This Happen When an Good and Active WordPress Theme or Plugin is not properly excute the Short Code in The main footer area on your WordPress website. Normally this Code Already live with the Function <? php wp_footer();?> .

When Your Good WordPress Theme missing This function Code, or a WordPress Plugin does not execute this code in your WordPress Site Then You will freely end up with a missing WordPress Admin Bar issue.

 How to Free Fix Missing Admin Bar Issue in WordPress.

The One of The Most Common Problem and issue to missing Admin Bar in your wordpress Website. This code is Missing with the function <? php wp_footer();?> line in your wordpress Theme. This Function Code is basically found in the WordPress theme Footer.php file just before the </Body> tag and after the <body> tag . 

“If you Want to Fix This Problem then you must create complete WordPress backup and also least back of your WordPress Theme Files becuase if you will miss and do wrong activity in coding then your wordpress site and theme stop working then you can easily get back your recently Theme and Site with your BAckup”.

Now you can Connect your wordpress Website just using FTP program or also use the File Manager in your website Hosting cPanel’s account Dashboard. Then You simply go to your Theme folder which is located inside the /wp-content/theme/ folder and then you download this theme copy for your desktop as a Theme Back up for Secure your Website.

Then you Will need to locate the Footer.php file locate in your wordpress Theme and then scroll down to the end of your wordpress theme file to see if you have the code <?php wo_footer();?>  line between the <body> and </body> tags. If you don’t have this Line of COde then you simply add  This code and then upload the changed file back to your server.

If you using a Child theme then you will not find Footer.php  file becuase This code in not have in Child Theme. Then you check the parent Theme’s Footer.php file adn locate the wp_footer function.  Then The Admin Bar Missing Problem Solved and you Can See Your Beautiful Admin Bar in your WOrdpress Site when you logged in to your Site.

That’s all We hope This Article Helped you and you have fixed your Fix Missing Admin Bar Issue in your wordpress Site. If you like this Article then Please Subscribe our YouTube Channel for Awesome and Amazing WordPress Video Tutorials and Much More About Web Developing and designing. You Can Also Find us on Twitter+ , Google+ and Facebook .



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