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How to Preview and Save Posts of WordPress Using Ctrl+S

How to Preview and Save Posts of WordPress Using Ctrl+Spreview-post-

Actually Ctrl + S is a basic and also universal keyboard shortcut in windows Operating system and also in MAC OS for saving your work and Time across any applicaion. When a new User using wordpress, It is a really difficult and wierd experience to find that the most commonly used shortcuts of keyboard ins not available in wordpress. So, In This Article we will tell you how to preview and save posts of wordpress using Cntrl + S(For windows users) and Cmd + S (For Mac users).
First of all you were probably wondering if the wordpress does not use any universal shorcut, then how to save? Well wordpress has a great , smart and fast suto-save functionality that automatically save your all posts revisions in your browsers and also in the database of you.

The Malfunctions to the auto-save or also another accident can fully cause loss of your work. The best and proper way to avoid this is to manually save your post. WordPress also have a save button that you can manually press and save your post in your databas, but that is just inefficient.
So Let us take a look at how use Cmd + S or Cntrl + S keyboard shortcuts using wordpress to save your posts.(Must Read full article then you will able to save your post in wordpress).
To perform this process the first thing you need to do is install and also activate the Quick Preview Plugin of WordPress. After Activation, you just need to go the Setting » Quick Preview page to configure the plugin like below screenshoot.Quick preview settings

Now You can easily choose whether you would like the preview that open in the new window or also in the same window. Just Opening the preview in the same window then you will take aways from the edit screen.
We recommend or suggest you to choose to open previews in new window. It will be vert easy to resume editing by the switching tabs. After selecting the Option of new window,simply press save shange and save your post in your database.
Now we are ready to go the plugin setting and see plugin in action. All you need to do is creat a simply new post or also edit and existing post in WordPress.
At Once you are on the post editor screen, just simply press Cntrl + S(for windows users) or Cmd + S(For Mac Operating system user) keys on your keyboard. WordPress will instantly save your post in database and open the preview in a new window.
Note, That just using Cntrl + S will only save your post and if you are working on draft then using Cntrl + S will ot publish your post in your website.
In Second Side If you are working on an already published post then Cntrl + S will update your post in your Site.
That’s All. Now you can easily use Cntrl + S keyboard shortcut using wordpressto save and also preview your posts instantly in your website database.

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