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Impacts of Fashion and Why Girls love fashion??

Impacts of Fashion

This article is about the girls love fashion.Fashion is a custom changing by passing time .In faster time fashion’s custom is change with passing time . We see in passing time or in modern period people have change fashion with passing time .Fashion is very popular in girls .Even women also love fashion.In our  society we see 95% women/girls do fashion.In our society uneducated more take interest in doing fashion.But they are unaware of this term Impacts of Fashion  . Their purpose just showing herself more as more beautiful .

Today my topic is about  “Fashion ”. As we know that very well now a day fashion made an important things in our  life.

We can’t escape importance of Fashion in our Life. Fashion has now become necessary part of youth. Fashion effects to our lives by gives us involved something happen new. Maybe it depends on the weather or seasonal change or with the passage of time.  Here first question is What is Fashion?



Fashion is a popular term or practice, especially in clothing,hair style or furniture. Fashion is a prominent and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses. It is the existing styles in behaviour and the newest creations of large number of  textile designers.

  • · Fashion is term we deal with everyday of this term.
  • · A form of non-oral communication to expressed occupation; gender etc.
  • · It not only fashion of clothing but also passage a channel.
  • · Unable us to make ourselves know with faster intelligible by the spectator.
  • · Fashion is only a means of mode or shape of expression.

Now a days not only educated peoples and  belongs from upper class peoples aware with fashion even uneducated and belongs from lower class people also know very well about fashion .Every person want to do fashion even they are unaware of this term.

=> Fashion Impact on youth:

In my opinion, there are two effects on our personality from fashion.

  • · Positive impact of fashion on youth
  • · Negative Impact of fashion on youth


=> Positive Impact :

First of all, I could say about positive effects of fashion

  • Girls or boys use the fashion in order to pull towards the propounded of their contrary part.
  • For instance,every young people want to do fashion in dressing.And want to see beautiful in every sight. Because people want to know that the importance of fashion or one another clothes, hairstyle, jewelery and fashionable everything or so on. On this way, they seem having effective appearance and give pleasure to each others. Thus, it cause good relation between them.Because give the importance not only personality but also on appearance like fashionable dressing etc.
  • After see at this example, we can know that uses part of fashion for generation .
  • It express your thinking is present time and pliable.
  • Having a belonging to a personal style that is remarkable, yet fashionable can makes a person more confidence / beautiful.
  • According to atmosphere dressing people to attract or effective more to get attention of people.
  • Men’s fashion is to be liked more by women when they are well bridegroom.
  • It is a style of enjoying the pastimes and variety of the world in which we live and passing the time of life.

=> Negative Impact:

We have discuss uses of fashion in modern time till now and now we will discuss of abuses of fashion in modern time.we can discuss of negative effect of fashion .

  • In the modern time, generation only thinks about the new fashion styles and this causes money wasting on it or gives the pressure on our parents. Therefore, they are unable to take notice other needs and gives the importance of own children wishes and emotions/feelings.
  • Actually in face of this matter is, my friends or group mates distribute their gain or advantages to clothes, hair style and others, Possibly, they are gratify to borrow money from their gain to clothes, hair styles and others. It is possible that, they are following just the fashion take out expectation result.
  • The main work of students or generation is study and something to do for Pakistan or our country, since they waste more time on fashion and silly work or activity, they will have waste time and energy on extra activity.
  • Fashion pattern watch to be superficial to the wide that it is almost unfruitful.
  • . Fashion can to waste away money and through that could be keep to uses that help union of person more.
  • The apparently of the country can keep people from present them duties.

In the end we know that about advantage and disadvantage impacts of fashion on youth’s life or our today generation. Every person necessary know this, if they do know that about the fashion, they must do it according their opportunities or own emotions and feelings.

And one thing is more important,They are enjoying fashion not take it thoughtful  includes it a kind of fun. As a result I will discuss or give my ideas or feelings about fashion to generation:As we know that fashion should be consciousness, dress up beautifully, looking beautiful and the important and the private thing  the fashion is to be which make you beautiful as the modern time .Now we discussed about theme or end  of  whole articles.In this articles we discussed about fashion of generation. We will till now discussed the declare of fashion of youths that what is means of fashion, we discussed about many effects of fashion on youth and our generation, like positive effect and negative effect. And at the end I give my views about fashion for youth. 




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