Thursday , 24 August 2017

Top 7 Tallest Buildings in the World 2014

The International Non-Profit Organization that is (CTBH) stand for Coouncil on Tall Buildings and Urban HAbitat was formed in 1969 and was announces the tittle of “The World’s Tallest Building” and also set the standards by which buildings was measured.That’s Mean it maintains a list of the More then 99 Tallest cOmpleted buildings in All Over the World. Actually The ... Read More »

Earn Money With Ads Reward Daily (A.R.D)

make money online introduction video tutorial in

Earn money With Ads Reward Daily (A.R.D) Hi everyone , I am  today i am going to share with you another best way to Earn money online easily by sitting at home just for 2 minutes daily work. Yes only 2 minutes in a day ! And anybody can do this work easily without any skills because it is very easy ... Read More »

Define Automobile Security Also It’s Advantages and Disadvantages


AutoMobile Security .. The Automobile Association (TAA) is a private limited company which provides car insurance (CI), motoring advice driving lessons, breakdown cover and other services. In developed countries, the automobile is quiet rapidly converted into a real model public transport from expensive toys while in developing countries it has straggle effects. The transport revolution had a great impact on the ... Read More »

Define Media and It’s Positive and Negative Impacts


Positive and Negative Impacts of Media . This articles about the media.In this articles we will discuss about the media and its impact. First of all we will discuss,How does media come closer one anther? Media provides information and give the awareness in the people.So it helps to people to know what is happening in the world or any place, Or its ... Read More »

Why Peoples Don’t Know About Internet Discussion Topic

Why People Don’t Know About Internet ?? As we all know, this world become a global village due to internet. But in this present age everybody doesn’t knows about internet and its benefits. Internet:- The internet is a global network connecting millions of computers Networks in Whole World. Some Technical countries are associated into interchanging of data, news and stances according ... Read More »

Responsible in falling down the standard of Education

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Falling down the standard of Education Let me 1st of all define that what education is all about ? Education is imparting and acquiring knowledge through teaching and learning,especially at school or similar institution. Standard of education in Pakistan: Education is the main vehicle for social economic development but unfortunately about half of adult population in Pakistan cannot read and write. ... Read More »

Impacts of Fashion and Why Girls love fashion??


Impacts of Fashion This article is about the girls love fashion.Fashion is a custom changing by passing time .In faster time fashion’s custom is change with passing time . We see in passing time or in modern period people have change fashion with passing time .Fashion is very popular in girls .Even women also love fashion.In our  society we see ... Read More »

History Of Computer , It’s Types, Uses, Generations (Most Powerful Topic)


History Of Computer. “A computer is a electronic device that solves problems by processing data according to instructions.” The Word Letter “computer” is a latin language word derived from ‘computer ’ which means reckon up. The History Of Computer first automatic electronic digital computer was prepared in America in 1946. It took up 1800 square feet and weight 30 tons. ... Read More »

Anchoring yourself to success (Most Discussion Topic)

An Anchor:- An anchor is a sensory invigorate linked to a specific set of states it could be a word or a phrase or an object, it could be sometime. We Hear , feel, see, taste and also smell. Mean a person do that thing, which he gives command to his mind .And this command is link to different set of states which ... Read More »

Computer Vs human Brain Essay (Full Discussion Topic)


Man has come up with countless inventions, each more authentic then the last, however, any now, this computer arises that mankind’s sentence itself is threatened. This is ridiculous, some may cry, but I want to say look about you that The computer has already begun to the unique functions that man has prided himself upon before them. Our lives are ... Read More »