Thursday , 24 August 2017

What is Twitter and How peoples Use Twitter (Complete History)


Twitter: Twitter is use for social networking. Now Question i created that How peoples Use Twitter?? Twitter to grant the people that registered in twitter website to scattering at large post called tweets. Twitter member can scattering at large tweets and to go other’s tweets by using different platform.  Tweet and replies are posting on twitter by using cell phone ... Read More »

What is Internet and Why Peoples Use Internet?


Definition:- Internet means of connecting Many computers Eaach Others and Access Data and Informations anywhere in our world through routers and servers. the Main question is That Why Peoples Use Internet ?? Internet can be consider as the Recently latest invention of man which has revolutionised his style and Way of working and spending his life. It has totally reduce the ... Read More »

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet?


There are some advatages and disadvatages of the internet. First i will discuss about the advantages then on the disadvantages. There are many Advantages and disadvantages of the Internet   Advantages: .Communication: Internet is a great source of communication, interaction and for  a lot of connecting purposes. Now we can connect through all over the world. we can interact or chat with ... Read More »

World’s Top 10 Alexa Ranking Global Websites 2014

Alexa Top 10 Ranking Global Websites of 2014

Internet is the Most Used Information source in the whole World. Millions of Websites in internet, peoples make Many types of websites in internet and Get Monay and make their Business Popular. You can Search Anything From Internet that you want, You can Access data from internet without websites and many domains has a becomes popular that every user of ... Read More »

Why people Fail to earn money from internet?


Why people fail to earn money from internet? Internet: Internet means network interconnection. Internet is a protocol used in the whole world to connect and share information between two or more different users. Large numbers of the people utilizes internet to acquire some knowledge of something. Some people upload data for those users of internet on their webs some people ... Read More »

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Networks

Social Networkaaaaa

Social Media Networks . Social Networking has been aound forever in all times. It is very easy and simple act of expanding the Large amount of people you know by the meething with your relatives and friends’friends,their friend’s friends and also their friend’s and friends and so on Social Media Networks. In Fact, Lot of peoples use Twitter and Facebook ... Read More »

Top 25 Most Notorious Hackers in The World in 2014

Hackers-With-An-Agenda Top 25 Most Notorious Hackers in The World

Notorious Hacker , In the Computer Security Field, Hacker is someone who exploits and catch the weakness in a computer system or also computer network. All Hackers may be motivated by a multitude of protest, challenge or enjoyment and such as a profit. They are subject to the understanding Hacking Definition controversy about this the hunderd percent  exect meaning. In Computer Field, Hacker ... Read More »

Why People Love to make Money From internet?

People Love to make Money . People Love to make Money from Internet may be a world system that is utilized in entire world to interconnect with each other for learning and information imparting. its a 100 percent World Wide Web overall interconnector in internet . people from entirely unexpected and colossal separation zones of the full  world interface with ... Read More »

What is software It’s Types and History of Software


Computer Software, or Simply Software is any set of different programs-readable instructions that directs a Computer’s processor to perform some speciffic operations. All Computer Software constrsts with the Computer Hardware, . All Computer hardware and Software require each other and neither they can be realistically or Surely used without the other. Acutally Computer Softwares Includes many Computer Programs, Their associated ... Read More »

What is Social Media and Which Social Media should I Care about in 2014?


Social Media is great information , created using highly scalable publishing and highly accessible techniques, distributed through Social networks and Social interstions. All social networks just focus on building community and impressive and reflecting social relationship amoung Many peoples who share interest and /or thier activities through instant the communication to the masses.Social Media are V.Good for every person because ... Read More »