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Why Peoples Don’t Know About Internet Discussion Topic

Why People Don’t Know About Internet ??

As we all know, this world become a global village due to internet. But in this present age everybody doesn’t knows about internet and its benefits.
Internet:- The internet is a global network connecting millions of computers Networks in Whole World. Some Technical countries are associated into interchanging of data, news and stances according to the internet world states.
People don’t know about internet:- Internet is a way of communication with each other at a huge level. In this modern age
everyone knows this sentence that Internet made our world global village Internet World. But everyone don’t know that why we use this pronounce menCwww.newustaad.comt for internet. This is because we could do anything within a second, mint or an hour with the help of internet. It rid us from  waist of time. It is a very sharp way to handle anything at a business level or at any other level all over the world. But in this fast age everybody doesn’t know usage of  internet and as well as its benefits. There are some common reasons for lack knowledge  People Don’t Know About Internet. We discuss it below,


Lack of Interest:- As we know after the passed a large time, still around us, many people don’t know properly about internet. It is because of lack of interest in internet, when a man knows something in the start, then he starts gain information about it, when he knows information and some feature about that thing then, he starts to use it and if he attains interest after using it then he want to increase knowledge about it and use more and more that thing. It is all depending upon interest, without interest no one can acquire knowledge about anything. Usually, many people must use internet but at a fix limit. They don’t know internet how much enormous way of social media. They never ever thought that, we should be expanding our use of level and moreover increase knowledge about aptitude of internet.

Lack of Equipment:- Mostly people due to poverty could not use internet, they just listen about it but can’t  use it. Because they have not enough sources to buy computer or any other device with which they can use it and growing their absorption in it. It is because whenever a man does not use anything unless he can’t know about it in a convenient way. When a man uses anything then, slowly slowly he raises his fascination about that thing. And owing to charm he begins to obtain mastery related to it. Internet access connects individual computer terminal, computers mobile devices, and computer networks to the Internets enabling users to access internet services.
Is web and internet same??? Many people have miss concept that internet is a web.But it is a wrong concept.internet is a separate way and technique and web is another way and platform to solve our problems at a vast level.The internet is not synonymous with WWW stand for “world wide web”. Actually the internet is a massive network of networks, a networking instruction. It couples millions of computers together globally, forming a network in which any computer can communicate with any other computer as long as they are both fixed to the internet connection. The World Wide Web (WWW) or simply web is a process of accessing information over the medium of the internet Global Word connection. It is an instruction sharing model that is built on top of the

Search and Reference:– There are millions and millions of web sites out there .Unfortunately, there are many
web sites that go under many searcher’s Ryder. Some of these sites might be familiar
to you, others not so realize, but all are worth taking a look.
• Wikibooks.
• Hyper History.
• Digital History.



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