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Top 25 Most Notorious Hackers in The World in 2014

Notorious Hacker , In the Computer Security Field, Hacker is someone who exploits and catch the weakness in a computer system or also computer network. All Hackers may be motivated by a multitude of protest, challenge or enjoyment and such as a profit. They are subject to the understanding Hacking Definition controversy about this the hunderd percent  exect meaning. In Computer Field, Hacker is a reclaimed by the intelligent computer programmers who argue that something who break into computer systems or also Break the security with the Great mind and amazing Way.

Top 25 Notorious Hackers.

Hackers-With-An-Agenda Top 25 Most Notorious Hackers in The World

“Hacker” is a term used to a great variety of communities and also individuals. Actually Hacker is somebody (Boy or Girl) whose mission is to break and access anything without proper authorization and also from large distance through the just use of communication networks and intelligent mind, Generally Hackers essentially refers to somebody (Great Computer Programmers) who can easily subvert computer security without any authorization or malicious purpose and Challenge to the great security Programmer.

Here is a 100% Real and Great list of the Top 25 Most Notorious Hackers in all over the Whole World…!!!

hacker always

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He is a dropout of Downey High School in the Great Place Californis. Actually Jeanson James Ancheta became a start Hacking in 2004. He was born  1985 and In 09 May 2006 he was the first person to charged for controlling the large amount oof Hijaked computers of also botnets softwares. He is 25th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers.

He hijacked somewhere in the Large area a million computer systems.This is only affected computers like the only one in your house, but it allowed him and also allowed others to orchestratethe large-Scale attacks.

25 number hacker

He became the First person for controlling a Biggest amount of hijacked computers of the United States. He is Really Great ming and Dengerious Person in Computer security and Information technology Field.

 Kevin poulsen is a great and amazing Hacker in the  world. He Was born in 30 Nov,  in 1965 . A news editor at Wire, Kevi Lee Poulsen is an American Former a digital security and black hat hacker. After he was released from prison,He was decided to leave the computer Field and programming Field and try to become a journalist to distance himself from his Amazing criminal past. He is 24th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers.

Albert Gonzalez is a Fast mind and smart Computer criminal was born 1981. He is an American Computer Hacker and also biggest list Computer Criminal who is accused of Masterminding the credit Card Theft and subsequent reselling of the more than 180 million card and ATM numbers from 2005 – 2007 ( This Biggest Fraud in the History). He used the SQL injections for  his Criminal operations to steal computer Data from the private computer networks and eaily launch ARP spoofing attacks, ( Fake Messages sending to local area network Technique). He is 23th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers. He is Really Most Dengerious Hacker ever the World..

22. George Hotz22 iphone4

George Hotz is a very fast and smart Hacker ever the World. He Was Born 02 ,October ,1989. He is a American Hacker known for Unlocking the iPhone, allowing the peoples to be used with the other wireless carriers and Apple’s intentions. He developed the limerain Jailbreak tool and also develop the bootrom exploit for MAC IOS operating system. He is 22th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers. He was also sued by Sony for the smart Hacking the Play Stations..

21. Kevin David Mitnick21 Slide525

 Kevin David Mitnick is an Great mined American Computer Security consultant and Also Hakcer The of America. He Was Born 06 , August , in  1963 . In 1999, He was the convicted of various communications- ralated and various computer  crimes. At the Same  Time of his arrest, he  Really was the MOST WANTED computer security criminal in the Whole UNITED STATES. His Was known as other names The Condor , The Darkside Hacker. His website is . He is 21th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers.

Gary  Mckinnon  is a Scottish system administrator and also HAcker who was accused in 2002 of perpetrating the ( Biggest and Smartest military computer Hack of all Time) although McKinnon himself whos has a good dianosis of the Asperger’s Syndrome. He was merely looking for evidense of the Free Energy supression and also a cover -up of UFO activity and also more other technologies potentially usefull in the Britain an order to the United States. His nationality is Britishh and His Other name is Solo also citizenship of United Kingdom. He is 20th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers.

19. Adrian Lamo19 leaks

Adrian Lamo is an American threat analyst and also a Former Hacker of United State of America. HHe was born 20 , Februry , 1981 So, Now age is 33 years. His Other names are Adrian Lamo and R.Adrian Lamo. He is 1st caught in  the presense of media after he was broke into the Many several high-profiles of computer networks such as a like (THE NEW YORK TIME and Also MICROSOFT) .He is 19th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers. Adrian Lamo  has a performed many several authorized and also unauthorized the security checks foe the High-Profile network systems and also yet never asked for a just free..

18. Jonathan James18 Jonathan-James

Jonathan James was a hacker of America who was the 1st juvenile incarcerated for the cybercrime in the USA(United States). He Was Born in 12 December , 1983 and dead in 18, May , 2008 of a self-inflicted the gunshot wound in America. He was imprisoned at a juvenile age (Just 14 year old) for the violating the cybercrime laws.He  was Great mined And Smart Hacker in all over the world.. He is 18th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers.

17. Owen Walker17 owen

She is a Great HAcker of New Zealand. She is a computer hacker who was discharged without thhe despite pleading suity to the several charges of the cyberCrime.  In 2008 She admitted to being the $ 26.5 million worth of damage.  She is Realy Awesome and Wonderful Hacker in all over the Worl top 20 hacker lists. SHe is 17th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers.

16. Robert Tappan Morris16 Robert_Tappan_Morris

Robert Tappan Morris is a Famous Hacker in all Over the World. He is an american computer scientish and also  a entrepreneur. He was born in 08 , November , 1965 and Now he is 48 year old. His Resedence is United States and Nationality of America.  His Other name is RTM. He uesed to  be a Professor at His Department of the Electrical Engeering and also Computer Sciense of the Massachusetts institute of the Technology before he Was a sentenced to 3 years of the probation by the US court. He is 16th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers.

15. HD Moore15

HD Moore is the Developer of  Metasploit Framework and a penetration testing Software suit. He is the founder of the Matesploit Project.  His NAtionality is Unites States of  America &  he was born 1981 in USA. He is 15th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious HackersHe is the  Employer at the Rapid7 and His website is

14. Dennis Moran14 Dennis_coolio_moran

Dennis Moran was a Biggest Computer Criminal in all over ther World. He was a Great and Impressive mind Hacker. He live 1982 in the City of United States. He Died 14 April 2013 in Bekerley, California in United States  and got 30 to 31 age.  He was aan American Computer HAckerfrom the Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Who was accused in the February of 2000. His Criminal penalty is 12 months in Jail with the 3 months suspended as well as ordesed to the pay of $ 15,000 in the restitution. He is 14th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers.

13. Kristina Svechinskaya13

Kistina Svechinskaya is a great young Russian female Hacker. She was born 16 , February , 1989 and Now she is round about 25 year old yougest Hacker ever the computer history. She is a student of the New York University and she was accused of the plot to the defraud many several british and US banks accounts and She Opened at least 5 accounts in the Bank of America andreivices 35.000 Dollars. She is the World’s SExiest Computer Hacker in the World. SHe is 13th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers.

12. Sam Jain12 Sam_Jain

Sam Jaain is an internet and Computer entrepreneur and also former of CEO of affliate maketing netwoerk eFront.  He was bron 10 , Febuary , 1970. He was arrested  in 2000 after  the being chaeged with the submitting fraudulent data to the website ranking and publisher Media Matrix at California. He is 12th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers.

11. Karl Koch11 carl

Karl Koch was a Really Great mind and Smartest Hacker. He was a German Hacker and born inn 22, July , 1965 and Died in 23 , May , 1989 and got age of 23.  He was called Himself “Hagbard” after the Hagbard Celine. He Was involved in the Cold War computer espionage. He is 11th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers.

10. Ehud Tenenbaum10 ehud

Ehud Tenenbaum is an Israeli Craker and Also Hacker of the Computer field . He was born on 29 August , 1979  and now he is 35 year old. He Was  became widely famous in the 1998, When he was only 19 year old and while he was the head of a small group of the Hackers. He Was Haked into the computers of the terrorist groups based in Palestine and destroyed the Many Websites of the Islamist Organization Hamas.

9. Leonard Rose9

Leonard Rose Was the Oldest Hacker in the whole world. He was born 27 , July , 1918 and Died in 16 of November , 1984 and Aged 66. He was agreat Hacker convicted in 1991 due to the wire fraud. He was known for the Having stolen which alloed him to the gain illegal access to the many several computer systems.

8. Rafael Nunez8 Slide1825

Rafael Nunez is a Great White Hat COmputer hacker in all over the world hacker lists.  His other name is RaFa.  He was a member of the notorious The HAcking Group of the World of the hell in 2011. As a member group, He got involved in many Huge several high profile attacks and finding websites with the most poor security and then HAck these wesbsites easily. He is 8th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers.

7. Andrew Auernheimer7

Andrew Auernheimer  More commonly known as the name is “Weev“. He Was Born in 1st Spetember ,  1985.  He os an American Grey Hat HAcker and also internet Troll. He Has identifies himself using a variety of the aliasees to the Media.  He was known for the using many several pseudonyms in his oprerations.  He is 7th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers.

6. Mark Abene6 hqdefault

Mark Abene was born in 1972 and he is an infosec expert and originally from New York city He is also  Good Entrepreneur.  Now he is 41-42 year old and have nationality of America . His other name is “Phiber Optik” . He is a Big HAcker,Infose and also Phreaking Master .. He Was also Hacked High profiles and Fraud million Dollars.  He is 6th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers.

5. Julian Assange5

Julian Assange is an Australian Editor , Hacker ans Publicist. He born in 3 , July , 1971 and he is 43 year old live in Australia also have nationality of the Australis. His Hometown is Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He is also Great and Biggest HAcker in the Worl Hakers list of Top 5 . At the Age of his 16 , He was join the international subversives group and also Haked many severals system under the his psedonym, “Mendax“.  He is 5th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers.

4. Mike Calce4 michael-calc

Mike Calce  is a really Huge Hacker .  His other name is “MafiaBoy and  he was a high school apprentic at the West Island, Quebec when he was got involve in a series of the publicized denial of service against the some of the Biggest commercial websites.. He initially Denied the many offenses chared the against him but he accepted the accusations in the 2001.  He is 4th Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers.

3. Chad Davis3 Slide2325

Chad Davis is a Top 3rd American Hacker in the Whole world. He was born in 1981 and now he is 32 years old. His other name is “Mindphasr“. He is a Cracker and Hacker from the Green Bay , Who operated under the alias of the MindPhasr.  He was the man of behind the vandalish of HomePage of White House and also the US Army with a message saying “Clobal will not Die hahahah“.  He is 3rd Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers.

2. Nahshon Even-Chaim2 ahoo

Nahshon Even-Chaim is a 2nd Hacker in all over the World and Don’t Show his snap.  His 2nd name is  “Pheonix“.  He was born in May , 1971. He Was the 1st Major of the computer Hacker to be convicted in the Australia. He was one of the Most  biggest and hihly skilled members of the computer HAcking group That called “THE REALM” . His mission was the break into computer system by the dialling indirectly he damaged were those of University of the Salifornia.  He is 2nd Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers.

1. Rapheal Gray1 Raphael-Gray

Rapheal Gray is a Most wanted and no 1 Notorious HAcker in The World. He was born in 1982 and now live the age of 32. He is a biggest top 1 Notorious Computer Hacker in All over the world.  He was able to HAck Many big several Computer systems around the world in the struggle of only 1 month at the age to his 19 years. His Mission was to Gain the unathorized access to the credit Card information With HAcking, Which  eventually netted him Large amount (Millions Dollars).  He is the 1st  Notorious Hacker in Top 25 Notorious Hackers.



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