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World’s Top 3 Famous Mobile Phone Companies 2014

A Mobile Phone is a Phone That can Make our life very easy in communication. In addition to the Telephony, Modern mobile phones also support a Great and wide variety o fhte other services such as texting, SMS, MMS, email, short range wireless communications, Internet access, Gaming, business applications and also photography. Moblie phones that offers the these and more Awesoem general computing capabilities are referred to asa smartphones.

World’s Top 3 Famous Mobile Phone Companies 2014

www.newustaad.comMany Mobile phone companies make and launch Awesome and Classical models of Great Moblie phones with New technology and new generation style with High prise in all ove the world. There is a list of World’s Top Three Moblie Companies in all over the world.


Apple  is a Great and Awesome Company in the World. Apple is an Awesome American multinational Company in all over the world. Apple was founded by the Steve Jobs and Ronaid Wayne. Many types of Product produced by apple like Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, Apple Tablets and LAptops. According to Garthner, The Apple Company which only sells smartphones, was the Third of the largest players in the world, selling 179.70 million units of its IPhones in 2014. The Cupertino Giant had a Great Market share of the 8.1%. Just For Context, The Company Sold 143.20 Million smartphones in 2013. Apple company is great and famous top third number company of Mobile Phone.


Nokia is a Finnish Communications and also information technology company of mobile phone in all over the world. as of 2013, The Nokia Employed 90,000 peoples acrossof more then 120 countries, conducts sales in more than 160 countries and also reported annual revenues of the around € 12.8 billion. It is the World’s 270th largest company measured by 2013 revenues according to Fortune Global 500. The Finish handset glant ot the Nokia that sold its devices business to the Microsoft continued to eb second largest player clocking sales of the 250.79 million mobile unites if ending of 2013. Nokia Occupying a marktet share of the 14.1%, a decline compared to the 2012 when it’s share was only 19.2%. Nokia Witnessed an overall the fall in sales numbers.


Samsung Group is a Great and Awesome World Famous Company in all over he world. Samsung is a Korean multinational Company. In 2013, Samsung company began constructions on building the World’s LArgest mobile company Factory in the Thai Nguygen, Vietnam. Samsung has been able to the achieve the largest market sgare of the nearly 31.5% in the Global Smartphone segment in 2013. Samsung is and affliate companies produce fifth Couth Korea’s Totall Exports.00_intro€

The Average Revenue of Samsung Company was equal to the 17.2% of the South Korea’s $1.085 billion GDP. Samsung sold 445 million mobile phones in 2013 with the 25.1% market share, a rise of the 2.8 percentage points compared in the last year when the Whole South Korean Giant sold 392 million mobile Phones. Samsung Company was at the Top of the list position in 2012 to now.



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